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Powerful Electric Bikes

Wing eBikes is based in Kettering, Northamptonshire. UK. Last update Tuesday 27th September 2016
Prices start at £998 for 1000v 48v 26″ Wheels, aluminium framed Mountain eBike with disk brakes.

LAST ONE AT THIS PRICE (price on other websites £1148.00)

WING Evade 1000w 48v eBike price £998.00

WING Evade 1000w including Delivery  (£50) price £1023.00

WING Evade 1000w including Delivery & Winter Pack (£48) price £1071.00


VOODOO Wazoo FAT eBike 2016 1700w 48v

SALE £200 off Was £1698 NOW £1498 Only one left at this price. SOLD 20th Sept 2016
We can offer a discount for cash or direct Bank Payments
If you can’t find what you’re looking for Ring Michael on 077 860 81557

Wing eBikes also sell electric bike conversion kits

*****- SALE £100 off all kits -*****  1000w 1700w and 2000w kits. Click here
NOW 1700w & 2000w 48v Motor are SOLD OUT 13th Sept 2016 (Back in stock soon) Ask?

NEWS Wing eBikes now take Vouchers.


E-bikes are rapidly growing in popularity. Throughout Europe there has been an explosion in demand.
Year on year growth is outperforming almost all other manufacturing sectors.
By offering superior designs, quality and performance, WING™ intend to exploit this growth and remain a leading brand., Our emphasis is on producing the best electric bikes, but to keep the price tag realistic.
The 2016 model batteries all new Wing eBikes use are 48v 12ah Panasonic cells, dolphin or the all new down tube type.  Panasonic are the best and most expensive, reliable and long lasting cells on the market. They are the same as used in Tesla cars. We also includes an upgraded charger with a fan and led’s on it. We believe that the most important thing with the life of the battery is how it is charged so we have always supplied the best charger with all our eBikes or batteries. Compare the specification, style and price of our electric bicycles to any of our competitors and you will see why WING™ is such a popular choice.
WING™electric bikes (eBikes) 500w, 1000W, 1700w, 2000w 48V off road POWER MACHINES!
WING™eBikes can achieve speeds of up to 38+ mph in de-restricted mode.




Powerful Electric Bikes

We do have a 1000w 48v ebike available @ £998.00 or LESS. Only one left at this price
Available NOW 2000W (1700W) Motors. Any 27.5″ wheel bike + £200 on the 1000w price.
2000w (1700w) do not have pedal assist just a thumb throttle.
NOW 1700w & 2000w 48v Motor are SOLD OUT 13th Sept 2016 (Back in stock soon) Ask?
Click on the photos for more information & availability (Priced low to high)


Only one 20″ and one 22″ frame left at this price

Wing Grey Trakehner 2016 1000w 48v – £1398 NOW £1248 SAVE £150 Available NOW


Wing Voodoo Bantu 1000w 48v 12AH NEW Down-Tube Battery eBike Was £1498.00 NOW £1398


The Awesome Wing sport 1000w Wing FAT eBike £1598.00 only one avalible





Wing eBikes have Wings









All Wing eBikes have……..
  • 1000W brushless and gearless rear hub motor. (Can come restricted to the UK/EU regulation of 250W power and 25kmph (15mph) speed by default.
  • Reaches up to 50kmph (30mph) once de-restricted to the 1000W mode.
  • LCD3 Central dashboard showing power output, Speed, Time, journey Distance etc and ability to control the de-restriction settings.
  • Thumb throttle
  • 5 levels of pedal assist modes
  • Fitted with mechanical or hydrophilic disc brakes.
  • 48V/12Ah Lithium-ion battery (25-30 miles range between charges depending on terrain, weight of cyclists, frequent use of PAS, frequency of stops/starts, air pressure in tyres etc. Based on 250W restriction mode.
  • Range could drop down to 15 to 30 miles once de-restricted to full power.
  • Charger: UK plug upgraded 2Amp charger with LED
  • The new UK/EU regulations of April 2015 dictate that an e-bike must not exceed the rated power of 250W to be road-legal. A purchase of the common high powered electric bike will come with its legal implications if ridden on the road. On the other hand, the practicality of a road-legal e-bike means giving up the fun one could have on a Wing eBike power machine off-road.Wing eBikes have developed a system that allows the user to swap between two modes depending on whether you are on-road or off-road,
  • allowing you to unlock the full power, where it is safe and legal to do so.WING™ eBikes can come pre set to the road mode of 250W by default.The dual-mode system is embedded in the LCD3 Dashboard which can unlock the full power of the system with the press of a few buttons.If you are after maximum exhilaration, fun and speed in an off-road environment, look no further!This is the first e-bike that can offer 1000W + worth of thrill, yet still capable of being reconfigured for safe road journeys.
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